Sunday, January 31, 2010

Look of Love

~  These Mourning doves seemed to be gazing at each other in such a sweet way in early Spring outside our bedroom window that I was inspired to try and capture this moment between them.  After a brief shower the Redbud and Blue Spruce trees were covered in water droplets as the sun came out.  In researching the doves I discovered they have a beautiful light blue eye ring and bubble-gum pink toes!  For fun I added iridescent watercolor medium and gold acrylic so the painting sparkles with life!

Medium - Watercolor with iridescent w/c medium and gold acrylic touches
Original painting - 24"x30" (framed) - $650
Note Cards 4/$12
Giclee Print (10x8) - $45    (16x22) - $100
(Plus Shipping)

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