Sunday, January 31, 2010

Life Goes On

~  While on a field trip in Colorado I happened upon this giant fungus growing on a tree stump. It was the biggest "mushroom" I'd ever seen and it fascinated me. The thought immediately came to mind..."life goes on" in strange ways even after things die! Although my painting was framed up I didn't feel the background was correct, so I took it apart and spent months adding imagined weeds, wild violets,  strawberry plants and even a tiny lady bug.  For a little whimsical effect I used gold acrylic and gel pen…and now I love it!  Amazingly, when I took it outside to photograph it something "quite magical" happened....a bumble bee landed right on my watercolor flowers as if they were real.  I take that as a great compliment!

Medium - Watercolor, gold acrylic, gel pen
Giclee Prints - 8x10 $45, 11x22 $100, 22x30 $200
Notecards - 4/$12
(plus shipping)

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