Sunday, January 31, 2010

Woodland Orchids

Best of Show ~ 2008 Johnson County Art Fest

Best of Show ~ 2008 Images Art Gallery Annual Juried Show

1st Place Painting ~  2014 Leawood Arti Gras

~ A hillside of gorgeous Aspen and Birch with the Showy Lady Slipper (pink) and Lesser Lady Slipper (yellow) at their base. Often called Orchid of the North, these lovely flowers grow wild near our cabin at Morson in NW Ontario. This painting incorporates several different mediums (watercolor, gold/silver acrylic, iridescent watercolor medium and archival gel pen) creating a glow and almost 3-dimensional quality.

Medium - watercolor, gold/silver acrylic, iridescent watercolor medium, gel pen

Original painting - 30"x37" (framed) - NFS
4 note cards (4"x6") - $10
Giclee' Print (8"x10") - $45
(plus shipping)

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