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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Woodland Orchids

Best of Show ~ 2008 Johnson County Art Fest

Best of Show ~ 2008 Images Art Gallery Annual Juried Show

1st Place Painting ~  2014 Leawood Arti Gras

~ A hillside of gorgeous Aspen and Birch with the Showy Lady Slipper (pink) and Lesser Lady Slipper (yellow) at their base. Often called Orchid of the North, these lovely flowers grow wild near our cabin at Morson in NW Ontario. This painting incorporates several different mediums (watercolor, gold/silver acrylic, iridescent watercolor medium and archival gel pen) creating a glow and almost 3-dimensional quality.

Medium - watercolor, gold/silver acrylic, iridescent watercolor medium, gel pen

Original painting - 30"x37" (framed) - NFS
4 note cards (4"x6") - $10
Giclee' Print (8"x10") - $45
(plus shipping)

Katie's Crazy Quilt

Honorable Mention ~ 2016 Leawood Arti Gras Exhibition

~ My maternal grandmother, Catherine Anastasia Flynn Begley, fashioned this lovely Crazy Quilt.  The powder blue ceramic vase was probably a wedding present to her when she married my grandfather, John J. Begley on Oct. 31, 1900 in Potter, KS (just outside Atchison, KS).  She lived with my family and always had the vase filled with fragrant peonies…these were grown by my husband Joe.  Besides sewing beautiful quilts and embroidery pieces "Katie" also did gorgeous pencil drawings.  I was thrilled to discover several expertly drawn works she completed in 1898, at age 17, tucked behind a group of elegantly scripted essays in her school workbook.  This still-life watercolor was a challenge in "textures" and is my attempt to honor my love for her and the very important part she played in my life, a grateful tribute to the artistic talents she passed on to me, my children and other family members.

Medium - watercolor, iridescent watercolor medium, gold acrylic, gel pen

Original Painting (30x22)  framed (38"x30") - Priceless :-)
Giclee Prints - 8x10 $45,  16x20 $100,  22x30 $200
Notecards - 4/$12 pkg.
(plus shipping)

Orchids In The Sun

~  The miniature yellow Lesser Lady Slippers growing wild at our summer home on Lake of the Woods at Morson, Ontario Canada.  These tiny orchids were no bigger than the tip of my little finger.  I was fascinated to learn there are 2 sizes…had no idea!  This painting took many hours over a 6 month period to paint but was well worth it since I felt I succeeded with the perspective, lighting and depth.  I added a small brilliant blue damsel fly to grab the viewer's attention and touches of gold acrylic and iridescent w/c medium for whimsy and fun!

Medium - Watercolor, gold acrylic, iridescent watercolor medium

Original Painting - 30x22 image,  38 x 30 framed  - $3000
Giclee Prints:  10x8 - $45,  22x15 - $100,  30x22 - $200
Note Cards - 4/$12
(Plus Shipping)

Evening Slipper

Purchase Award 2011 Watercolor USA Exhibit ~ Springfield, MO Art Museum Permanent Collection

Watercolor Honor Society (WHS) Signature Status 2011

2012 Artistic Touch 5 Competition ~ published hard cover book available from me or

~ A closeup of the pink Showy Lady Slipper set against towering Aspen and native evergreen trees near a winding stream by our summer home on Lake of the Woods, NW Ontario. Look closely and you'll see a toenail moon peeking between the shimmering leaves at the top. Twilight is my most favorite time of the day especially when it is graced by a vibrant sunset. This area is called "sunset country"and it is very fitting!

***Recently I gave permission to the Springfield Art Museum to use my image on items they plan to sell in their Museum Gift Shop...1111 East Brookside Drive Springfield, MO 65807.

Medium - watercolor (transparent and opaque)

Original Painting (22"x30") framed (30"x38") SOLD: Springfield, MO Art Museum
Giclee Prints - 8x10 $45, 16x20 $100, 22x30 $200
Notecards - 4/$12 pkg.
Bookmarks - $5.
Silk Scarf (8"x40") - $30
Artistic Touch 5 book - $35.
(plus shipping)

Aurora Fireworks


~ Each summer we are stunned at the beauty of the Northern Lights that glow, shimmer, appear,  disappear and "dance" across the night sky at our summer cabin on Lake of the Woods in NW Ontario, Canada.   I recently reworked this entire painting adding iridescent watercolor medium to the sky, more detail to the trees and rocks, an eagle nesting in the Jack Pine tree and richer/deeper colors throughout the sky and foreground to add to the mystery of this nocturne painting.  It SPARKLES with new light!

Medium - watercolor, iridescent watercolor medium, gel pen

Original Painting (22"x30" framed) - $950
4 note cards (4"x6") - $12
GicleĆ© Print 8x10 $45,  16x20 $100
(plus shipping)

Patrician Woods

~ This tiny waterfall is along Blue River Pkwy near our home in Leawood, KS.  I happened to see it when I was taking our golden, Rosie, for a early morning run on the soccer fields there.   One lonely bird high up in the trees appeared to be looking at something and so I decided to add a Blue Moon going "down" in the western sky as the sun came "up"behind me in the east.  It was Spring and the dogwood trees were a beautiful sight.

Medium ~ watercolor, iridescent w/c medium, gold acrylic and gel pen

Original painting:  22x30 (image)  30x38 (framed)  $3000
Giclee prints:  8x10 $45,  16x20 $100,  22x30 $200
4 Notecards / pkg  $12
(plus shipping)